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The most iconic artist of our generation.

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Mr Concept Art

Hailed as the most innovative designer of his time, Mr Concept Art has quickly become a symbol of community, love, and creativity; a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark, twisted world. He gives us the gift of the Near Future and teaches us much about the art of chromatic aberration, high passes, and low passes, lens flares, and motion blurs. We have learned from him that concept art in its purest form truly does have to look like a screen capture of a VHS Ridley Scott movie from the mid-1980s.

What people are saying

"Mr concept art is the essence of the struggle we face each and everyday. He is the hero of our times."

Eddie Del Rio, Concept Designer, Lucasfilm


Ben Mauro, Senior Concept Designer, Production Designer

"Love your brushes, can you share them?"

Raphael Lacoste, Senior Art Director, Ubisoft

"Dear Mr ConceptArt, you are my new hero!"

Trevor Claxton, Concept Artist

Thank you!

Big thank you to everyone who supported the Mr Concept Art fundraiser and bought T-Shirts and mugs from the near future! In total we raised $1500 USD for Save The Children.